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I cannot tell you how lucky we feel to be able to share our factory space with the extremely talented & passionate girls from Poppy Culture. 

They take blooms to a WHOLE. NEW. LEVEL!

This week I managed to steal five minutes of Lauren's time, to ask this very inspirational lady what her pearls of wisdom would be to any newly engaged lover who is off to visit a florist for the first time..... 

TIP 1 — Collect Visual Inspo

Oh darn... another reason to get on Pinterest!!!

Creating a vision board for your florist is a great way to give them a visual understanding of the desired look you would like to achieve on your wedding day.  Be sure to include bouquets, button wholes, reception table styling....and anything else you may be considering.  Lauren also suggests having a 'Don't Like' board, so that you can both be clear about which direction you are going in!

Even if there is an abundance of variety in what you are pinning, a good bloom designer will be able to recognise a common theme to work with.

TIP 2 — Have A Budget

It is common for people to feel that a budget is a limitation in some way - or that exposing your budget to wedding suppliers creates vulnerability.  But what it actually does is helps to create perimeters for your chosen professionals to work within.  They can talk to you about how to use your precious dollars in the most effective ways.  

Lauren suggests to focus on features, which create 'WOW' and generate impact - rather than spreading thin on small decorative pieces.

TIP 3 — Have Faith In Your Professionals

Giving your wedding suppliers creative license allows them to do what they do best - every good professional wants to do the best job that they can do for that you go and tell everyone you know how amazing they are!!  So trust that, choose well....and have faith in your choices! 

I highly recommend that you check out the girls at Poppy Culture, for all of your flower needs ;)