Flowering NOW 2019

Venue: Sense of Self, Collingwood
Photography: Nathan Kaso and Michelle Pragt
Exhibiting artists: Cecilia Fox, Katie Marx, Bloom Boy, Glasshause, Feld Flowers, Azalea Florist, Candy Mt, Good Grace and Humour, Flos Botanical Studio, raven and the Ros, Poppy Culture.

Winner of the 2019 Design Files Floral Design Category — awarded to event founders Melanie Stapleton and Katie Marx.

2019 sees the second year of the industry initiative and also the second year inclusion of Mornington Peninsula floristry company Poppy Cultures involvement among the list of talented exhibitors. This year a focus to bring our design back to our Peninsula roots saw our concept and our sourcing considerations to remain local in consideration. Effort to encapsulate our environmental concerns and the essence of our local community minded approach to keeping our backyard preserved in its natural state and beauty into our future.

Internal Hero

Industry leaders Melanie Stapleton of Cecilia Fox and Katie Marx of Butterland had been dreaming of an opportunity to work on a creative project that engages with our florist community, that emphasised the artful, ambitious and unconventional side of what we all do. An exhibition of sorts, where there is no brief, no restrictions or commercial demands. We see this as a chance to share amongst one another and a wider viewing public our different signature styles, to emphasis our capacity to forage, build, gather and grow flowers in a way that belies traditional understandings of floristry. ‘Flowering Now’ took out the inaugural Design Files award for the Floristry category for its outstanding Australian floral design project. The founding duo Melanie Stapleton and Katie Marx were awarded on their collaborative exhibition for its originality, visual appeal, mastery, sustainability and visionary thinking.

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